Thursday, October 18, 2018


TED-ed: Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins

I Believe in Dreams
Zander - New York, New York, Entered on February 18, 2009

Learn English with Let's Talk: Talking about Dreams

EngVid: Learn English - 6 fun idioms about DREAMS

List of Dream Idioms

Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tips: Dreamed or Dreamt?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Three English Language Resources

Learning English: Your Accent Training Guide to Perfect English | Rachel’s English

Learning how to speak with an American English accent is hard work. You will want to think of it as training. I’ve learned that the best way to think about accent reduction is to liken it to music and athletics. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, how great musicians and athletes got where they are, right? Certainly they’ve got natural talent, but that’s only the beginning. You’ve seen that they have knowledge as well, right? But isn’t it true that the key to their success is the way that they train and practice? The principle absolutely holds for students that are learning English. If you want to be truly great—in this case that means truly conversational with your English language skills and American English accent—you need to train like a world-class musician or athlete. There simply aren’t any shortcuts. There are, however, some simple phases for you to envision and follow as you’re learning English. This video takes you through all five, step-by-step.

If you’re looking to improve your American English accent while you’re learning English, this is a great place to start! In fact, my entire channel is devoted to this one specific task. Learning English is a massive endeavor and getting expertise in many different areas is important for your learning. Think of mean as your American English pronunciation and accent trainer! Let’s get started!
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Grammar Girl


Monday, October 15, 2018

The Temple of Knowledge

StoryCorps: The Temple of Knowledge

Ronald Clark’s father was custodian of a branch of the New York Public Library at a time when caretakers, along with their families, lived in the buildings. With his daughter, Jamilah, Ronald remembers literally growing up in a library, creeping down to the stacks in the middle of the night when curiosity gripped him. A story for anyone who’s ever dreamt of having unrestricted access to books.

There Is Always a Way Out
Morris Mchawia Mwavizo - Nairobi, Kenya
In his early childhood days, Morris Mchawia Mwavizo learned a life lesson by watching ants that were determined to get out of a trap. With that same sense of self-determination, he found that he, too, could find a way out of poverty into a life he chose for himself.
The Courage to Change the Things I Can
Mark Olmsted - Hollywood, California
As a recovering addict, Mark Olmsted is familiar with the serenity prayer. But when he got fed up with all the litter in his neighborhood, Olmsted realized there is a difference between the things you must accept and the things you can actually change.

TED-EX Myths from Around the World

Samples of ACT Tests (note: now the essay is optional)
The ACT is an achievement test for college admissions in the United States made by ACT, Inc. The ACT test is made of 4 tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science reasoning. In February 2005, an optional writing test was added to the ACT, like changes to the SAT that took place later in March of the same year. All four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the ACT.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Go to Stanford University!

The Campus Quad: Stanford University Campus Tour


The mission of Stanford Continuing Studies is to share the rich educational resources of Stanford University with adult students, to nurture a vibrant learning community, to nourish the life of the mind, and to promote the pleasures of intellectual exploration.

Continuing Studies offers approximately 550 courses per year, attracting more than 16,000 students. We offer a rich lineup of courses in the liberal arts and sciences, creative writing, and professional and personal development. Most courses meet on Stanford’s campus in the evenings, or on a Saturday. And, for those students who can’t easily make it to campus, we now offer a growing number of online courses across various disciplines.

Interested in sampling a Continuing Studies course? You can now find previous Continuing Studies courses and lectures on Stanford's iTunes website.

Open Culture
A blog run by the Director of Stanford Continuing Studies. Among other things, the site features a large collection of free courses from Stanford and other universities.  It's all free!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

MAE Student Council Meeting

GVSU Student Life: How To Run A Meeting

Running a meeting for your student organization can be challenging, but there are ways to keep your organization's meetings fun and under control

On Wed, Oct 10 11:30 pm to 12:00 noon, ESL 6 will lead the first 2018 MAE Student Council meeting.

Goals of Student Council
  • Give the student body a "voice"
  • Give input about programs and policies
  • Plan special events or projects
  • Create/strengthen community relationships 
  • Promote the MUSD "Culture of We"
  • Representatives – two from every classroom
  • Staff Advisors: Patty Gairaud (Transition Specialist) and Jennifer Gagliardi (teacher)
  • AM: 2nd/4th Wed of the month (11:30 am to 12:00 noon)
  • PM: 3rd Tue of the month (7:00 to 7:30 pm)
  • Milpitas Adult School Room 407
Oct 10 Meeting Agenda:
  • Introduce student representatives
  • Plan to welcome new students from October Intake
  • Quick report current class activities (ex: EL Civics: Family Problems)
  • Plan for November food donation

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Prepare for Student Council

Sheila L. Davis: Student Council at El Cajon Adult Center (a quick summary of student Council Meeting)

See also an example of a school promo: MVLA ADULT SCHOOL PROMO DEC 2017 (video)

More about Leadership/Grit
More about Leadership/Grit