Monday, September 29, 2014

Verb and present continuous

1  read
They are reading.

2 write
He is writing.
3 eat
He is eating.
4 swim
He is swimming.
5 pull
He is pulling.

6 push
He is pushing.
7 drink
She is drinking.
8 jump
She is jumping.

9 look
She is looking.
10 walk
He is walking.
11 run
She is running.
12 dance
They are dancing.

13 laugh
He is laughing.
14 sing
He is singing.
15 start
They are starting.
16 stop
It is stopping.

17 talk
They are talking.
18 point
He is pointing.
19 listen
He is listening.
20 fall
He is falling.

What’s Next? Book 2 Lesson 4.

What’s Next? by Lia Conklin (Author) is a four book series that follows Samsam, a Somali immigrant, through her daily life in the U.S. where she is faced with learning English, finding a job, visiting a doctor, and more. Here are the audio files for Book 2 Lesson 4.

All audio files for What's Next are available in MP3 format.

Planning a Celebration
     Introductory     1:11
     Low-Beginning     0:58
Listening Quizzes
     Part One: Letter Sounds     1:58
     Part Two: Word Families     1:19
     Part Three: Sound Match     1:08
     Part Four: Sight Words     2:05
     Part Five: Dictation     2:56

Sunday, September 28, 2014

ESL Employment Lesson

ESL Employment Lesson

ESL Civics Lessons ESL Employment: Short photo story about types of jobs including a window washer, boat rower, farmer, waitress, truck driver, welder, dog trainer, electrician, dentist, and more. Perfect for ESL, EFL, TESOL, EL Civics and other types of language classes. Shows well on interactive boards. By Christina Niven of