Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Daily Actions

Mark Kulek: Phonic Sounds | Pronunciation | Long Video | English Speaking Practice | ESL | EFL

Hello Everyone! In this video, you will learn important English phonic and sound structures and patterns for speaking English. This is a long playing video, 26 minutes long made of 7 videos. After each sound or phonic structure, you will be able to practice on your own. This is important to build your speaking and fluency skills. All the phonic and sound patterns are in sentence form and with illustrations for better understanding. This video is great for beginners and those of more advance levels to review. Have fun learning and speaking English now.

Phonic sound patterns and use in this video:
ch, sh, th, ee, ea, ir, oo, ph, ck, ay, ing, ow, or, ou, a-z

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


USCIS #60 Slavery What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves? 

Millions of Africans were taken to America and sold as slaves.

For hundreds of years, slave owners treated slaves like property.

Slaves had no rights.

People in the United States did not agree about slavery.

This led to the Civil War

In 1865, after the Civil War was over, slavery was illegal.

Enslaved people became free citizens.

Africans were taken to America and sold as slaves.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018