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MAE ESL 3 2023-09-17

English for Advancement: One Step Instructions

Day by Day Chapter 2 pg 24-25; One Step Instruction

Future 3: Chapter 2; Lesson 3; Future with WILL and MIGHT

Grammar 3 Step by Step; Future Tense with "be going to" and "will" pg 44-45

Rooms with a View by Ana Gianola

Sunday, September 17, 2023

The U.S. Constitution Week


uscitizenpod: The U.S. Constitution

si.edu: Preparing for The Oath

US Citizenship Podcast
  • Constitution Week 2023 Quiz pdf | mp3 | video | video podcast (audio only)
  • Constitution Week 2022 Quiz pdf | mp3 | 
  • Constitution Week 2021 Quiz pdf
  • Constitution Day and Citizenship Week Quiz 2020 video
  • Constitution Slide Show google slides
  • Constitution and Citizenship Week Interview video (2018)
  • The U.S. Constitution  video
  • Summary of the US Constitution MP3  (2016)
  • Summary of the US Constitution PDF  (2015)
  • What is US Constitution and Citizenship Day? pptx
  • What is US Constitution and Citizenship Day? pdf
  • US Constitution Quick Quiz (picture vocabulary) pdf and Google slides (2021)
  • Preamble Puzzle pdf 
  • Preamble of the US Constitution (2017) video
Bill of Rights 

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MAE ESL 3 2023-09-07

VOA English in a Minute: Sleep Like a Rock
How does a rock sleep? And how do you sleep like one? Find out in this week's episode of English in a Minute!
  • Does Negasi sleep like a rock?  Why or why not?
Also watch:

VOA Learning English: How Stress Affects Mental Bandwidth
New research shows how a lack of money, food or even time can affect decision making and the ability to act.
  • Does stress help or hurt Negasi's ability to make a decision about the money?  Why?
Grammar 3 Step by Step: Ch 11: Non Action Verbs pg 34-35; Past Tense pg 36-37

Business English: Job Interview 4 

Holding the Bag

    Wednesday, September 6, 2023

    MAE ESL 3 2023-09-06

    Language Foundation Listening Comprehension: Introducing Yourself: Describing Your Background in English
    • 00:00 • Introduction - Introducing Yourself: Describing Your Background in English
    • 00:29 • Start with a Simple Introduction
    • 00:52 • Describing Your Educational Background
    • 01:19 • Talking About Your Professional Experience
    • 01:46 • Sharing Personal Interests and Hobbies
    • 02:13 • Polite Closing
    Day by Day by Steve Molinsky and Bill Bliss: Unit 1 page 16-17

    Business English: Job Interview 3 

    Holding the Bag