Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Story #2: Senem's Journey to a New Beginning

In Senem's Journey to a New Beginning, Senem is a Turkish woman living in the United States and taking care of her family—her husband, Tarkan, and their son, Hasan—while adapting to a new language and new customs. Her task becomes even more challenging when Hasan is kidnapped and when she gets word of a natural disaster back home. With the help of her family and her new friends, however, Senem manages to find the strength to thrive in her unfamiliar setting and make new beginnings in her life.

Students love to read and discuss these stories! The Chinese students identified with Senem waiting for news about her family after there was an earthquake in her home country.

Read the modified Chapter 1 pdf and the other chapters, order the book from , or borrow it from your local library.