Monday, March 30, 2009

VOANews: 5 Women in the Arts

Georgia O'Keefe, 1887-1986: Her Paintings Showed Her Love for the American Southwest
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: People can immediately identify the artist's paintings of huge, colorful flowers or bones in dream-like deserts. 22 September 2007

Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1840-1924: She Created Art Museum in Her Home
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: She gathered one of the great collections of art treasures in America and gave them to the public to enjoy. 10 January 2009

Mae West, 1893-1980: The Wild Woman of Film and Stage
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Mae West starred in and wrote many plays and films. Her rich voice and sexy jokes made her an important figure in American popular culture. 22 November 2008

Martha Graham, 1894-1991: The Mother of Modern Dance
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: She created almost 200 dances and made this form of dance popular. Her dance company continues to perform around the world. 02 August 2008

Ella Fitzgerald, 1917-1996: She Was America's First Lady of Song
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Fans around the world loved Ella Fitzgerald's joyful singing. Critics said she raised the American popular song to the level of art. 27 May 200