Saturday, March 21, 2009

VOAVideo: Two Videos from Kenya

VOAVideo: Kenyan Advocate Advances Education for Girls
Educating girls and women in Kenya's pastoralist communities can be a big challenge. Many girls end up being married in their early teens and are expected to stay at home and work for the family. But a pastoral human rights activist is striving to change that mentality by setting up learning centers for girls and women in the Tana River area of north coastal Kenya. Cathy Majtenyi caught up with Ibrahim Ahmed Sane and shows how he is Making a Difference in eastern Kenya.

Kenya Abortion Bill Debated
A bill now before Kenya's parliament would legalize abortion, making Kenya the first East African country to do so. The issue of abortion is highly emotional in Kenya. Womens groups argue that the Reproductive Health and Rights Bill will protect women from death and injury due to backstreet abortions, while critics say abortion violates African traditions and culture and is being pressed by Western interests.