Sunday, April 26, 2009

Students Learn About Sustainable Agriculture

VOANews: Students Learn About Sustainable Agriculture
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: A few colleges in the United States provide hands-on experience in traditional farming.


  1. Lien wrote checks for the household bills twice a month.
  2. She wrote the date, number and words for the amount of payment. She
    filled in the Pay to the order of line on each check.
  3. She wrote the account number on the Memo line.
  4. After she signed the check, she put it in an envelope.
  5. Lien put a stamp on each envelope.
  6. Cham thought that this way of paying bills was very old-fashioned.
  7. Cham promised to go on the Internet and learn how to pay bills online.
  8. Cham learned about his favorite basketball team, building a bookcase, and
    taking care of a tree in the front yard.
  9. After two weeks, Cham learned how to pay bills online.
  10. He discovered that you could go directly to each company's web site.
  11. You needed a log-in ID, a password, and your account number.
  12. You paid through check or credit card online.