Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lifelong Learning: more CA Cooking Schools

Cooking Schools
Considering a career in the culinary arts, but don't know where to start? A good first step is to research and compare cooking school locations, culinary degrees offered, facilities, cost, class size, and reputation to find the one that will help get your career off to a sizzling start. Compare Culinary Schools, Baking Schools, Pastry Schools and more, then use our easy contact forms to request more information.

The Reluctant Gourmet's Guide to Cooking Schools
If you are thinking of going to baking & pastry chef school, culinary arts school or hospitality management classes including restaurant and hotel management, this is where you should start.

California Culinary Academy
Have an opportunity to turn your passion into a respected career. Explore our degree and certificate programs in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts and Le Cordon Bleu P√Ętisserie and Baking or contact California Culinary Academy to start preparing for a career you love.

CCOC: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Courses
Learn all phases of the food services industry through hands-on instruction in both student lab/commercial kitchen and in the community classroom site (local restaurant, catering company, etc.). Programs include: Baking and Catering or Culinary Arts

The Center for Employment Training: Culinary Arts
This San Jose campus offers training in everything from Automotive Services to Medical Assisting. It is the only location in California offering the Culinary Arts specialty. The Culinary Arts course teaches students to work in the food service industry as cooks, sous chefs, baking assistants, and cafeteria workers. The intent is to secure entry-level employment following completion of the course, with the opportunity for professional growth as on-the-job experience develops. The course lasts as long as necessary for students to master the skills and reach a 70 percent competency level, although the average length is about six months.
In addition to the training courses, CET offers free citizenship, English as a Second Language, and Spanish literacy classes. Students can also take advantage of financial planning classes, child care assistance, and other life skills training.

The Culinary Institute of America
Located in the heart of the Napa Valley, just two hours north of San Francisco, is The Culinary Institute of America's West Coast campus. Since 1995, the CIA at Greystone has provided continuing education opportunities and career development programs for food, wine and hospitality. Educational courses, ranging from foundation and advanced studies to culinary arts degree and certificate programs, supply training in the culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, foodservice management and professional wine development.

Mission College Hospitality Management
Mission College, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, has programs in General Education, Hospitality and Food Management, and other classes.

Tante Marie’s Cooking School
Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco was founded as a full-time school in 1979 and was one of the first schools of fine cooking in this country to offer all-day, year-round classes for people who are serious about cooking well.
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