Saturday, October 17, 2009

Money Idioms Part 1--definitions

This portrait of George Washington
was made by carefully arranging dollar bills.
You can see this portrait
at the SF de Young Museum, 2nd floor, the American Art collection.

VOANews: Words and Their Stories: Money, Part 1

I think people everywhere dream about having lots of money. I know I do. I would give anything to make money hand over fist...


  • a windfall: win a huge amount of money

  • born with a silver spoon in his mouth: to have a rich family

  • bottom dollar: the very last amount of money that one has

  • burning a hole in his pocket: to spend money quickly.

  • cheapskate: person who does not like to spend money

  • chicken feed: very little money

  • deadbeat: a person who never pays the money he owes

  • down and out: to have no money left.

  • feel like a million dollars: to feel very happy.

  • flat broke: to have no money at all

  • foot the bill: to pay the bill for everyone’s meal

  • hand-outs: gifts from his family and friends

  • hard up for cash: not have much money

  • hit the jackpot: to win a great deal of money.

  • lottery: If your a ticket with combination of numbers is chosen, you win.

  • make money hand over fist: to earn large amounts of money.

  • money to burn: to have more money than you need

  • nest egg: money that you save to invest, pay for an education, or buy a house.

  • penny wise and pound foolish: To be wise about small things, but not about important things.

  • pick up the tab : to pay the bill for everyone’s drinks

  • pinch pennies: to be very, very careful with money

  • scraped together a few dollars: put small change together

  • splurge: to buy expensive things you would normally would not buy.

  • strapped for cash: not to have enough money

  • strike it rich: to gain lots of money unexpectedly

  • to live on a shoestring: to live on a very low budget.