Friday, December 4, 2009

ESL 5 Summary of Vocabulary and Idioms Nov 30-Dec 04, 2009

Ch 6: Shopping for Clothes in a Mall

a last resort
bargain basement prices
bittersweet chocolate / dark chocolate
dressed to kill / dressed to the nines
first thing in the morning
for the time being
full of oneself
get a load of s/t or s/o
Lady Godiva / Godiva Chocolate
long gone
milk chocolate / light chocolate
right up one’s alley
There’s no accounting for taste!
to break the bank
to browse
to clash
to go overboard
to have one’s name on it
to hit s/w
to hit the spot
to knock off $$$ off the price
to mark down / marked down
to melt in one’s mouth
to run (cost)
to sell oneself short
to shell out
to shoot one’s mouth off
to snap up s/t
to take in

for more, see ESL 5 Summary of Vocabulary/Idioms Nov 23-25, 2009 (Ch 5: Eating Dinner with a Roommate)