Monday, March 1, 2010

Noun, Verb, Adjective

  1. If many employees get sick and can't go to work, the company has looses money from absence / absenteeism / absent.

  2. Your offer is accept / acceptable / unacceptable, so I can't buy it.

  3. When some workers don't know how to do the job, I assistant / assistance / assist them to do better.

  4. Tan needs to assure / ensure / insure that his machine is properly shutdown before his shift ends.

  5. Every weekday, I at / attend / attendance a Chinese language after-school program for elementary students.

  6. The teacher must keep a record of the students' attendant / attendance / attend.

  7. After-season clothes have a greater count / discount / discountment than the season's styles.

  8. Jose received a dismissive / dismiss / dismissal notice because he has drug related problem.

  9. If he has excess / exceed / excessive absenteeism, he would get a dismissal.

  10. I like my job but economy wasn’t good so I had more time to go to school. I am working part time right now, but I can't make good money--that’s why I can’t hand / handy / handle my finances.

  11. Some classmates ignorance / ignore / ignorant the rule about silencing their cell phones during class.

  12. The loud music interference / interferes / is interfering with my thinking.

  13. I'm glad to have an opportune / opportunity / opportunist to tell you: You are a great student!

  14. My preview / previous / previously job was a clothing salesperson.

  15. In Math, we solve different kinds of questions with different procedures / processes / process.

1. absenteeism. 2. unacceptable. 3. assist.