Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Health Care Reform Law by Lin Cheng Hsiung

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President Obama has made a historical change in the health care law. Because all American citizens are going to have health care insurance, then the United States will become truly the Number 1 citizens' country in the world. All people should be grateful about this change, but why are so many people against the health care reform law? Don't they know that many people are afraid of living in America? The price to see a doctor or have an operation is terrible, and many people can not do it because they don't have insurance.

Now, Obama will help poor people buy insurance. Why don't we support this? I wish Obama would do more to reform and reduce the price of Medicare in the future, such as:
  1. The government should build more public hospitals.

  2. The government should provide scholarships to all medical students.

  3. After graduating from medical school, the doctors should serve at least five years in public hospitals and receive a decent salary.

  4. Hospitals should charge 1/10 of the current medical fees.

  5. The government (not private insurance companies) should sell low-priced health insurance to poor people.
If all citizens are healthy and happy, the country will be strong and make more progress. I wish Obama's reform laws will proceed smoothly in the future. God bless America!