Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Lion and Mouse by Le Phan

A long time ago, there was a lion, the King of the Beasts, who was sleeping in the woods. Then appeared a tiny mouse, who like to tease the lion. The lion couldn't sleep, so he got angry. The lion approached the mouse, caught him, and opened his mouth wide to chew the tiny one.

Immediately, the mouse begged the King to free him: "If there is an opportunity, I will pay you back for your generosity!" The lion gave a big laugh at the funny idea, and let the tiny mouse go free.

Later, something did happen to the lion: hunters caught the lion and tied him to a tree. Meanwhile, the mouse had wandered into the woods and was surprised to see the lion's destiny. The mouse chewed through the ropes, taking them apart. He saved the lion's life!

This is the story of the beautiful friendship between the lion and the mouse: good behavior is forever!