Friday, March 19, 2010

Taipei by Lin Cheng Hsiung

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. It is located on the northern tip of the island. Taipei is a center of government, business, finance, fashion, and culture. Taipei is a democratic free city.

In recent years, many tall new buildings have been built, and Taipei has become a model city. The transportation is very convenient. Everywhere, you can take a bus or taxi. Senior citizens take the bus for free. The MRT systems make your trip fast and safe.

All citizens have health insurance, and senior citizens have free health insurance. Taipei has several large hospitals and a lot of clinics, so it is easy to see a doctor.

Night markets are special places for sightseeing. Several hundred vendors cluster together at Snake Alley, where you can eat and shop past midnight.

Yang Ming Shan, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum of History, the temples, city zoo, tea farms--are all beautiful places around the city. There are a lot of mountains and hiking trails, and you can walk everywhere.

Taipei is famous for its food. Customers can choose from the food cuisines of many cultures and each restaurant or food stall has its own specialty. If you have a lot of money, you can eat whatever you like, but even if you have a little bit of money, the food will still be delicious.

Because Taipei is so beautiful, provides convenient transportation, has good medical facilities and great restaurants, Taipei is a good place for a senior citizen to live. I love Taipei!