Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andrew, JenniferESL Lesson 22, and ESLPod 559

Andrew's Journey to a New Life in America chapter pdfs

All of the novels in The MICHIGAN Stories for Newcomers series

  1. Modified Version of Flor
  2. Modified Version of Senem
  3. Modified Version of Andrew
  4. Modified Version of The Kims
  5. Student Book Clubs homepage

Jennifer ESL Articles - Lesson 22, Part 1 - English Grammar (video)

JenniferESL — March 19, 2010 — An introduction or overview of English articles: a, an, the, and the zero article. Level: Intermediate to advanced.This is a lesson in TWO PARTS. Part 1 presents basic rules or guidelines for using English articles.

STUDENTS: Additional practice is available at

ESL Podcast 559 – Ending a Restaurant Meal

Learn how to end your meal in a restaurant in English in this episode. (Credit card problems!) Download Podcast


Read All Star 4 pg 137 "Don't Be a Victim of Credit Card Fraud" ans answer these questions:

  1. Who really pays for credit card fraud? How?
  2. What is a bogus credit card?
  3. What would you do if a telemarketer called ans asked for your credit card number?
  4. In what ways do people become victims of credit card fraud?
  5. What are 3 things you can do to prevent credit card fraud?