Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Milpitas Adult Ed supports Measure B!

Milpitas Adult Ed ESL/Citizenship proudly waving Measure B signs.

Vote Yes For Measure B! This is a group to encourage Milpitas residents to Vote Yes for a parcel tax on June 8, 2010. Schools will face more budget cuts again. If the ballot initiative is defeated, Milpitas schools could lose music, art, and sports programs.

A victory will require a two thirds majority. Meaning, for every No vote, the kids of Milpitas will need 2 Yes votes. The parcel tax is to save programs, not for salary.

The tax is $84 for 5 years for property owners. If you break it down, that equals $0.23 per day for 5 years. $7 a month for 5 years. Seniors are exempt.