Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rebellion in the Arab World

VOAVideo: Now You Know: Rebellion in the Arab World

Could the turmoil in Tunisia spread elsewhere? Will Egypt become the Arab world's Berlin Wall? Tunisia's president has fled his country and Egypt's president may be the next to go. VOA's Todd Grosshans looks at what may be the seed of rebellion in Arab nations throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

VOAVideo: Anti-Government Protests in Egypt Continue

The mood on the street is still that they're very angry with President Mubarak. Many people still want him to leave and they're not happy with the changes to the government that he announced Saturday. He announced a new Cabinet, he announced a new vice president - a position that hasn't been filled in his three decades of power. Omar Suleiman fills that position. He's a former military man. And for some people on the street, they do see that as progress. They support the army here, and the fact that a former army man has filled that post does mean that some people are, perhaps, giving the current government a chance and think that the protests should end.

VOAVideo: Tunisia Coup Inspires Unrest in Jordan

The popular uprising in Tunisia has also sent reverberations through the kingdom of Jordan, long seen as a model of stability in the Middle East. Demonstrations recently drew thousands to the streets and organizers say they are ready to keep up their protests if the government dominated by King Abdullah does not do enough to alleviate poverty, inflation, unemployment and corruption. VOA Correspondent Luis Ramirez has this report from the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Breaking News English: Violence erupts across Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are continuing their angry protests against the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. Al Jazeera news said the unrest could be the biggest pro-democracy demonstrations in Egyptian history. (download many activities)