Saturday, September 15, 2012

Constitution & Citizenship Day 2012

Milpitas Adult School ESL1 and Citizenship students made flags in honor of Constitution and Citizenship Day 2012.

The ESL 1 students wrote a brief bio:

  • My name is __________.
  • I am from __________ (city and country).
  • I live in San Jose/Milpitas.
  • I study English at Milpitas Adult School.
  • I am single/married. My husband/wife's name is __________.
  • I have __ children. Their names are:  __________.

The Citizenship students wrote:
  • My name is __________.
  • I am from __________ (city and country).
  • I immigrated to the United States in _____ (year).
  • I live in San Jose/Milpitas with _______ (family members).
  • I am studying US Citizenship at Milpitas Adult School.
  • I want to become a US citizen because ________ (ex: I love America).

While the Citizenship students were making their flags, Orawan, came in to say that she had just passed her citizenship interview!

Congratulations to Orawan and all the new citizens who took the Oath of Citizenship on Citizenship and Constitution Day 2012. May we all work together for a better America!