Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Review 4

During Summer Vacation, I will post the answers to Stand Out Basic Grammar Challenge (1-4130-0163-7) plus JenniferESL videos and vocabulary activities from Learning Chocolate.



Stand Out Basic Grammar Challenge Page 6C

Chinh:        Hi, You’re Amal, right?

Amal:         Yes.  This is Matsu.  She’s a friend.

Chinh:        Hello, I’m Chinh.

Matsu:       Hello, I’m Matsu.

Chinh:        Nice to meet you, Matsu.

Matsu:       It’s nice to meet you, too.

Chinh:        I’m a student at Locke Adult School.

Amal and Matsu:  We’re students there, too.

Chinh:        This is Yin.  She’s from Vietnam.

Elsa:           You’re from Vietnam, too, right?

Chinh:        Yes, I’m from Vietnam, too.

Elsa:           Hi, Yin.  I’m Elsa.  I’m a student.

Yin:             Hi, Elsa.  I’m a teacher.

Elsa:           Nice to meet you.

Yin:             It’s nice to meet you, too.