Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are, You are, They are...

1          Mai and Tuan are from Vietnam.      They’re from Vietnam.
2          Carlos and I are new students.           We’re new students.
3          You and Marta are my friends.          You’re my friends.
4          Rafal and Dora are classmates.         They’re classmates.
5          You and Mr. Santos are good teachers. You’re good teachers.
6          Barbara and I are from Poland.         We’re from Poland
7          Mr Li and Mr Green are friends.        They’re friends.
8          You and Carlos are good students.     You’re good students.
9          Sara and I are friends.                                    We’re friends.
10        Ivan and Olga are from Russia.          They’re from Russia.
11        Mike and I are in the library.             We’re in the library.
12        You and Ana are classmates.              You’re classmates.