Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's Next Book 2 Lesson 1 Audio Files

What’s Next? by Lia Conklin (Author) is a four book series that follows Samsam, a Somali immigrant, through her daily life in the U.S. where she is faced with learning English, finding a job, visiting a doctor, and more. Here are the audio files for Book 2 Lesson 1.

All audio files for What's Next are available here in MP3 format.
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Download all audio files for Book 2 (ZIP, 103 MB)

Samsam Gets Lost
     Introductory     1:13
     Low-Beginning     1:01
Beginning and Ending Consonants Practice
     Part One: Beginning Sounds     1;22
     Part Two: Ending Sounds     1:18
Low-Beginning: Listening Activities
     Part One: Word Families     1:57
     Part Two: Minimal Pairs     1:55
Listening Quizzes
     Part One: Letter Sounds     2:02
     Part Two: Word Families     1:24
     Part Three: Sound Match     1:07
     Part Four: Sight Words     1:58
     Part Five: Dictation     2:52