Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NEW Thanksgiving day Kahoots

Thanksgiving Activities 1 of 4: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving
8 questions about preparing for Thanksgiving using the Past Tense.

Thanksgiving Activities 2 of 4: Preparing the Meal
8 questions about preparing the Thanksgiving meal using the Present Tense.

Thanksgiving Activities 3 of 4 Eating the Meal
8 questions about eating the Thanksgiving meal using the Present Continuous Tense and 1 Gerund.

Thanksgiving Activities 4 of 4 Relaxing after the Meal
8 questions about activities after Thanksgiving dinner using the Past Tense.

Plus 2 more Kahoots:

Thanksgiving Weekend
Fun, food, facts, and opinions about the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving and USCIS Citizenship Questions
10 Questions about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag inspired USCIS Citizenship 100 Civics questions