Friday, September 28, 2018

Life Lessons and newsletter prep

StoryCorps: Lessons Learned

No one succeeds alone. After the difficult experience of helping integrate a Tennessee high school in 1964, Dr. William Lynn Weaver succeeded in spite of some teachers and because of others, in particular one whose largest contribution took decades to be revealed.

VOANews: Nonprofit Provides Haven for Women Fleeing Abuse, Addiction,Trauma

Becca Stevens has dedicated her life to helping women escape prostitution, addiction and trafficking. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, she is the founder of Thistle Farms, a nonprofit program that provides housing, mental and dental care, counseling, and physical and educational help for its residents. VOA's Saleh Damiger visited Thistle Farms and filed a report.

Civic Objective#: 17
Civic Objective: Analyze community resources in order to access appropriate assistance and/or find appropriate ways to prevent or solve family and/or community problems such as substance abuse, spousal abuse and gang violence.
1. Read about and/or discuss characteristics, consequences, and solutions of problems found within the family and/or community such as substance abuse, spousal abuse, and gang violence.
2. *Locate family help agencies in the community using the Internet and/or other resources and list/chart information such as locations, phone numbers, services and fees, etc.
5. List and/or discuss options related to agencies/programs available to help solve family and/or community problems.
8. *Identify family and/or community problems.
9. *Read simple stories with pictures about family problems and how they were solved.

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