Friday, September 21, 2018

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Goal: Newsletter

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Civic Objective#: 17
Civic Objective: Analyze community resources in order to access appropriate assistance and/or find appropriate ways to prevent or solve family and/or community problems such as substance abuse, spousal abuse and gang violence.
1. Read about and/or discuss characteristics, consequences, and solutions of problems found within the family and/or community such as substance abuse, spousal abuse, and gang violence.
2. *Locate family help agencies in the community using the Internet and/or other resources and list/chart information such as locations, phone numbers, services and fees, etc.
5. List and/or discuss options related to agencies/programs available to help solve family and/or community problems.
8. *Identify family and/or community problems.
9. *Read simple stories with pictures about family problems and how they were solved.

9/24 11 am Upwardly Global Presentation
Upwardly Global strives to help immigrants & refugees succeed in professional careers in the USA, while connecting employers with diverse talent.

Distance Learning at Milpitas Adult Education
Learn at home with your own computer on your own pace
No classroom meetings

Who are eligible?

  • Have a desktop or a laptop computer with a stable wi-fi service at home
  • Commit for a full 10-week term
  • Complete a minimum of 8 hours online work each week
  • Attend the orientation meeting at school
  • Meet the teacher via technology each week
  • Complete an e-test at school in the end
  • Contact MAE office at Room 400 for application and questions
  • Limited 40 seats!!!