Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A More Perfect Union: Voting Rights

StoryCorps: A More Perfect Union

When Theresa Burroughs came of voting age, she was ready to cast her ballot—but she had a long fight ahead of her. During the Jim Crow era, the board of registrars at Alabama's Hale County Courthouse prevented African Americans from registering to vote. Undeterred, Theresa remembers venturing to the courthouse on the first and third Monday of each month, in pursuit of her right to vote.

ESL 6: 
Choose an Essay from This I Believe essay on the topic of voting (see below)

  • Write down the Title of the essay
  • Identify thesis statement
  • Note the topic sentence of each paragraph
  • How does the introductory paragraph prepare the reader for the  essay?
  • How does the concluding paragraph summarize the reader for the  essay?
  • Why did you choose this essay?  Do you have any further comments?
  • Can you imagine your chosen essay as a presentation or a "StoryCorps" video?  Why?
  • Can you imagine the StoryCorps: A More Perfect Union as an essay?  Why?
  • We will discuss your results in class
Jun 9, 2008 ... We as Americans have the privilege of voting. This means that we choose what becomes a law and who we want to represent us as a state or ...
May 23, 2011 ... I know that lawmakers attempted to limit blacks' right to vote with the Voting Rights Act, and I know the abuse that the Little Rock 9 and the ...
Nov 12, 2010 ... The percentage of United States citizens able to vote that actually exercise their right is lower in the United States than almost any other ...
Nov 4, 2008 ... I realized today, that my vote for Barack Obama was not just me exercising my sacred right as an American, speaking my small voice into a sea ...
Sep 29, 2008 ... I Don't Date Non-Voters. I have never understood why so many Americans do not exercise their right to vote. Years ago I dated C, 37, ...
Oct 7, 2008 ... If I thought one was the right person for the job, I'd vote for them…but I don't. My vote is my voice to the government. If I vote for one of them ...

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