Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Learning English: Your Accent Training Guide to Perfect English | Rachel’s English

Learning how to speak with an American English accent is hard work. You will want to think of it as training. I’ve learned that the best way to think about accent reduction is to liken it to music and athletics. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, how great musicians and athletes got where they are, right? Certainly they’ve got natural talent, but that’s only the beginning. You’ve seen that they have knowledge as well, right? But isn’t it true that the key to their success is the way that they train and practice? The principle absolutely holds for students that are learning English. If you want to be truly great—in this case that means truly conversational with your English language skills and American English accent—you need to train like a world-class musician or athlete. There simply aren’t any shortcuts. There are, however, some simple phases for you to envision and follow as you’re learning English. This video takes you through all five, step-by-step.

If you’re looking to improve your American English accent while you’re learning English, this is a great place to start! In fact, my entire channel is devoted to this one specific task. Learning English is a massive endeavor and getting expertise in many different areas is important for your learning. Think of mean as your American English pronunciation and accent trainer! Let’s get started!
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