Tuesday, April 7, 2020

ESL Health 17, COVID-19 Break, Milpitas Adult School

Mark Kulek: I Have ... - Our Body (injuries)  and sympathy

We will read stories
from Health Stories
during the COVID-19 Break

  • Read Health Stories: Intro: Ch 4. "A Painting Accident."  
    • Download the story from our WeChat group or email
  • Listen to the story
    • Do the exercises 22-27.  
  • Listen to Talking to the Paramedics on 25.  
    • Speak: You will practice this conversation with a friend or family member,
  • Listen to Doctor's Orders on pg 26. (fixed)
    • Dictation: write the sentences under the pictures.
  • We will do pages 13-15 during our Zoom meeting 4/7 Tuesday 9:30-10:30
    • Complete pg 13-15
    • Listening: write numbers on pg 14
EXTRA CREDIT: Randall's Listening Lab: Physical Therapy
  • Listen to the story, then take the quiz, then read the story.
Phonics and Vocabulary

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