Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ESL Health 53, COVID-19 Break, Milpitas Adult School

EA Learning English - Video Lessons: Taking a Telephone Message 1 - Elementary Listening Test

Listening comprehension activity. Look at the form and listen to the conversation. Fill in the missing information in the right place. (You will hear the text three times.)

uscitizebpod: Slow Down Videos for Easy Listening

This is the last Civics lesson of the school 2019-2020 school year. 
We will learn three important life and work skills:
  1. How to answer a phone call 
  2. How to write a phone message
  3. How to order office supplies
These papers will help you learn about phone calls, messages, and office supplies.
After you studies these papers, we will have a simple oral and written test:

A.  Teacher ________ will make a video call to you at a scheduled time. 
  •     Answer the phone and talk to the teacher.

B.  Teacher ________ will read this message to you:
  •     This is a Civics test for school.
  •     We use it to show that you learn English.
  •     We do not share your work outside the school.
  •     Do your own work.
  •     Do not get help or use a translator.
  •     Do not copy another person's work.
  •     Good luck!

C. You will get a blank telephone message form in the email. 
  •    No printer? Write the notes using the Telephone Message format with labels. 
  •    The Teacher will ask you to write a phone message.
  •    Write the message on a paper and show message to the Teacher.
  •    The Teacher will take a picture of your paper.

D. In your group Zoom class, you will write 4 sentences about ordering office supplies.
  •    After you write your sentences, show the sentences to the Teacher.
  •    The Teacher will take a picture of your paper.