Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ESL Summer Lessons 03

There is no class today because I am trying to trap a wild mother cat and her kittens.   Please watch the video, complete the "Real Job" story, and do the Learning Chocolate exercises.

We will have class on Thursday.   On Thursday, Niu Xiuxia will talk about becoming a new US citizen.

Every day, remember to check and the ESL 1 Zoom Photos photos.

Mark Kulek: What do They do?

Life Goes On

  • Read Let's Go On: Intro: Ch 6. "A Real Job.
    • Download the story from our WeChat group or email
  • Listen to the story
    • Do the exercises 34-39.  
  • Listen to Talking to the Manager
    • Speak: You will practice this conversation with a friend or family member,
  • Listening to the sentences and write the number next to the picture pg 38. 
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    See our Zoom Photos here:

    Phonics and Vocabulary: