Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Traditions (people do this for Christmas)


Learn English: Christmas Traditions (what people do for Christmas). 

KeyWords: toys, Santa Claus, parties, cookies, Christmas dinner, turkey, pumpkin pie, exchange gifts, give presents, Christmas morning + more. Each sentence is illustrated for better understanding. You will be able to listen to Mark Kulek and also practice on your own for English speaking practice. This is an interactive listening and speaking video. Have fun learning this important Christmas Vocabulary and speak English now. 

English in use: 
Children ask Santa Claus for toys.
I want a doll and a ball for Christmas.
People have parties.
Most companies have office parties.
Many people make Christmas cookies.
I love Christmas cookies.
Christmas dinner is very popular.
People usually have turkey. Pumpkin pie is my favorite Christmas dessert.
People exchange gifts for Christmas.
It's nice to give presents.
Children love opening presents on Christmas morning.
I hope you got everything that you wanted.