Saturday, February 13, 2021

MilpitasChat Feb 8-12, 2021


"True Gold" by Jennifer Gagliardi

I had a college roommate from Hong Kong.
She wasn't pretty, but she was very nice.
When she got married, I went to her wedding.
She wore a beautiful white wedding dress
and hundreds of GOLD necklaces and bracelets.
She was so BEAUTIFUL!
I was so surprised!

I asked her mother, "Mrs. Wat, where did you get so much gold?

My friend's mother said, "When my daughter was born, she was so UGLY!
I knew she needed extra help to get a good husband.
Every pay day, I went to the bank.
I cashed my check and saved a little money.
Then I went to the jewelry store and bought gold
for my daughter.
I wanted her to be beautiful for her wedding day."

I said, "Mrs. Wat, everyone loves your daughter.
You taught her to love God and her fiends and family.
Gold is nice, but she is beautiful because you love her
and she loves you.  She loves you so much!"

And then Mrs. Wat (who was usually very serious) smiled.
She was so beautiful!