Sunday, March 14, 2021

Don't Do That! - safe and dangerous | Mark Kulek - ESL


Safe and Dangerous - Don't do that! Speaking practice - Help me, eat healthy, don't do that, around town, picnic and weather, animals + more. These patterns are color coded so that you can see how the sentences are constructed and will be easier for you to learn. There is also reading practice in this video. This is an interactive listening and speaking video. Have fun learning about past tense verbs. Have fun speaking English now. English in use: Help me. Don't hurt me! Eat sushi. Don't eat hot dogs! It's okay to touch an aloe plant. Don't touch cactus! It's okay to swim here. Don't swim there! Have your picnic tomorrow. Don't have your picnic today! You can feed this animal. Don't feed that animal! Use a credit card. Don't use cash! It's okay to use this. Don't use that! Merry-go-rounds are safe. Roller coasters are dangerous. Trains are safe. Tanks are dangerous. Jack-o-lanterns are safe. Werewolves are dangerous. Balloons are safe. Skyrockets are dangerous. Flashlights are safe. Torches are dangerous. Hiking is safe. Rock climbing is dangerous. Cycling is safe. Motocross is dangerous.