Thursday, April 29, 2021

ESL 1 Spring Lesson 24

Mark Kulek: Simple Past Tense

VOA Learning English: What Can You Do? video | full lesson | USA Learns Lessons

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ESL Library: 
First Class Reader 

  • Read Health Stories: Intro: Ch 5. "More Exercise."  
    • Download the story from our WeChat group or email
  • Listen to the story
    • Do the exercises 28-33.  
  • Listen to Talking to the Doctor on 31.  
    • Speak: You will practice this conversation with a friend or family member,
  • Listen to What Fran Does on pg 32. (fixed)
    • Dictation: write the sentences under the pictures.

    • Unit 8: Work
    • Cambridge Ventures Arcade: Unit 8