Sunday, June 20, 2021

Travel English | 10 Very Short Conversations


Hello Everyone! In this video, you will learn important language for traveling around the world. Travelers need English to get around successfully. This video will help you. This video contains 10 short conversations to help you while traveling. Each sentence has an illustration for better understanding. You will practice listening from Mark. Then you will practice on your own. By doing this, you will build your speaking and fluency skills. Language in Use: Would you like to pay by credit card or by cash? I will use my credit card. Where are you going? To the airport, please. Please have your boarding pass and passport ready. Here you are. Do you fly often? Actually, this is my first time. Where will you be staying? At the Grand Hotel. Where is the hotel? It's over the bridge. This is a nice hotel. I love it! Be careful parking my car. I will. Oops! What did you do?