Monday, August 2, 2021

From Home to School 01: Don't Miss the Bus

Monday August 16 9:00 am -- Class starts at Milpitas Adult School

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Mesa Public Schools: How to ride a School Bus

Lesson 1: Don’t Miss the Bus    

"From Home to School" by Ana Gianola

This story addresses themes of daily routine, getting up in the morning, school transportation, and almost missing the school bus.


  • What time do your children generally wake up? 
  • Do your children use an alarm clock?
  • Do your children get up independently?
  • What is your children’s daily routine?
  • What the children do in the morning before leaving for school?
  • How much time do your children need to get ready?
  • How do your children get to school?
  • If your children take the bus, how far the bus stop is from home? 
  • Does if the bus driver sometimes waits for children 
  • What happens when a child misses the bus?