Thursday, August 12, 2021

From Home to School 11: Listen and Follow Directions

Monday August 16 9:00 am -- Class starts at Milpitas Adult School

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Lesson 11: Listen and Follow Directions  

"From Home to School" by Ana Gianola

This story addresses themes of paying attention in class, following directions, test-taking, daydreaming, and receiving a warning from the teacher.


  • Did you enjoy spelling tests or "spelling bees" (contests) when you were a student?
  • Does your child enjoy spelling tests or "spelling bees" (contests) ?
  • How often do they give spelling tests in your child's class?
  • How many words are on the test?
  • Do you help your children with their spelling homework?
  • Does your child have a difficult time paying attention?  
  • How can you help your child learn how to pay attention better?