Wednesday, October 12, 2022

MAE Fall 2022 ESL 3 Class 43


English for Advancement: Asking about Job Responsibilities

Warm-up: Day By Day: Asking about Job Responsibilities pg 12-13 Oral Practice only)

Oxford Picture Dictionary (OPD-black book): Job Skills pg 170 plus handouts (print 15-20 copies)

Elli Library: Present Perfect exercises full pdf.  Do Exercises 5 and 6 pg 10-11 only 
(print 15-20 copies).  Encourage the students to work in pairs.  Note correct grammar.   Invite students to share their schedules via the overhead projector.

Life Goes On: Almost Always Late (Print 15-20 copies for students; pair read; discuss exercises; see lesson plan)

10/12 wed class ends at 11 am