Tuesday, October 18, 2022

MAE Fall 2022 ESL 3 Class 47

Susan Bates: Leaving a Message - Lesson 09 - English in Vancouver

This is the second Civics lesson of the school 2021-2022 school year. 
We will learn three important life and work skills:
  1. How to answer a phone call 
  2. How to write a phone message
  3. How to order office supplies
These papers will help you learn about phone calls, messages, and office supplies.
After you studied these papers, we will have a simple oral and written test:

Warm-up: Day By Day: Asking about Job Responsibilities pg 12-13 Oral Practice only)

Elli Library: Present Perfect exercises full pdf.  Do Exercises 8 and 9 pg 14-15 only (print 15-20 copies).  Encourage the students to work in pairs.  Note correct grammar.   Invite students to share their schedules via the overhead projector.