Friday, January 6, 2023

MAE 2023 ESL 3 Class 04

Greg Conley: Three Kings Day, Epiphany, or Theophany? - Holidays Around The World

VOA Learning English: English in a Minute: Turning over a New Leaf

Randall's ESL Listening Lab: Happy New Year 

  • “turn over a new leaf” = change personal habits
    • “I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf; I’m going to exercise three times a week and not play so many video games.”
  • “ring in the new year” = celebrate the new year
    • “We’re going to ring in the new year at my sister’s house next week.”
Milpitas Storm Info (frequently updated)

Ventures 3 Chapter 4 workbook

Ventures 3 Chapter 4 Lesson B video | Lesson C video

Elli: New Year's pdf | listening