Thursday, May 4, 2023

MAE ESL 3 2023-05-04


Ventures 3: ch. 8 Lesson B | Lesson C | Lesson F

English for My Job

Field of Vision by Ann Gianola, New Readers Press (buy here)

We Speak NYC: 
  • Crossing the Street Lian is looking for a great Pre-K to get experience to become a teacher. Martin is looking for a great Pre-K for his daughter. In this classic tale of New York City, where people and cultures of the world come together, Lian and Martin cross the street to meet.
  • Rolando's Rights: Rolando is a construction worker. His wife, Silvia, is a domestic worker. They are heroes who build this city and help keep it strong. But what can they do if their companies rip them off and don’t give them paid sick leave or other worker rights? Who can help them?
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