Saturday, July 29, 2023

Branches of Government

Flocabulary: Branches of Government

If you want to make something happen
You got to go through me. Who's calling
the shots in the Oval Office?

It goes check check to State balance 
not just one 
we bring three talents 
the powers got to keep them separated 
that's the motto.
We made it
three branches of government 
that's all
legislative rights--the laws 
executive--executes law 
so official 
the court system is judicial. 

I'm the legislative branch 
I write laws 
without me it'll be anarchy,
Of course say my name 
I'm called Congress sitting on Capitol Hill
that's honest made up of the Senate and
the House of Rep.

We write a bill and
send it to the President's desk we
legislate and we roll . . .