Saturday, January 6, 2024



Epiphany is a Christian holiday or festival on January 6. It celebrates the revelation of the Christ child to the Gentiles, when the Magi or wise men visited Bethlehem to see Jesus, by following a star. It is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 2. Epiphany is included in the Christmas time.  In Latin America, Epiphany is known Día de los Santos Reyes or Tres Reyes.

VOA News: Orthodox Christians Celebrate Epiphany With Chilly Dip in Istanbul 

Sasha, the champion Winter Swimmer of Brighton Beach, has to make a choice—quit cigarettes or miss this year’s big Winter Swim. With the help of his wife, his best friend, his doctor and 311, the champion learns that quitting smoking may be the greatest, but hardest won, victory of them all. Video, pdf, and listen practice