Friday, January 26, 2024

MAE ESL 3 2024-01-26

We Speak NYC: Rafaela's Test

Rafaela has a panic attack on the day of her High School Equivalency Test. She goes to the emergency room, where a doctor tells her about NYC Well, a City service that helps people manage stress and anxiety. Her family and her friend are very worried about her. Join them in this important story as they learn how to support each other and thrive. Video, practice lessons, pdfs and more!

Mental Health Services (SJ/Milpitas)
Phone: 800-704-0900
Mental Health and wellness resources to help with feelings of loneliness, grief, depression, anxiety, and other life stresses.

(510) 451-0661 
We have 3 offices located in Oakland, San Leandro and Newark. Our clients in Alameda County are low-income Medical recipients. We serve African-American, Caucasian, Latino, Afghan, Korean, Indian and Iranian Clients. Call 510-451-0661 for more information.

(669) 220-7104 | 
We promote the resilience and well-being of refugees and immigrants through counseling, forensic services, educational workshops and opportunities for cultural exchange with the larger community. 

Phone: 1 (408) 792-2166 
Mental Illness can have a tremendous devastating effect on families, friends and loved ones. As Family members ourselves, we can help your family get back to living a healthy and meaningful life not running away from the illness, but by embracing and learning how to live with it. The Office of Family Affairs can help you during this time of need.

VOA News: Mental Health on Minds of International Students Studying in US video 
Mental health is a big topic on U.S. college campuses, with universities themselves often reaching out to students to make sure they are OK. Many foreign students studying in the U.S. say the concern is novel but welcome. VOA’s Laurel Bowman has more. Camera and video editing by Saqib Ul Islam. 

The introduction of a nationwide mental health hotline has increased the numbers of people calling for help in the United States and the need for more counselors to answer their calls. For VOA, Svitlana Prystynska has this story from the Western state of Colorado. Camera - Vladimir Petruniv.