Thursday, April 30, 2009

United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu

VOANews: United States and Mexico Battle Swine Flu: What you should do to avoid infection
This is the VOA Special English Health Report. Swine flu is a respiratory sickness caused by an influenza virus that mainly infects pigs. However, sometimes the virus can sicken humans. That is what has happened in Mexico in the last few weeks. Transcript of radio broadcast: 28 April 2009


Answers: I have to prioritze

A. Dissimilar Meaning

  1. add
  2. charge
  3. student
  4. start
  5. job bank
  6. practice
  7. library
  8. interview

B. Give 2 suggestions

  1. Boris should get a tutor to help him with his math. He should also stop worrying and start studying.
  2. Noriko should stop eating out and start cooking at home. The money that she saves from eating out can be used to buy a new car.
  3. Mohamed should take a computer class. He should also buy a computer and use it at home.
  4. Sara should go back to school once a week at night or on Saturday. She can also borrow accounting books from the library.

C. Noun <--> Verb

  1. application <--> apply
  2. priority <--> prioritize
  3. reduction <--> reduce
  4. education <--> educate
  5. payment <--> pay