Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pro and Con on Health Care Reform 2

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Huong: On Tuesday, I watched President Barack Obama talk on TV about health care reform. I can't understand everything he said, but I think it may good for some people who are uninsured to get insurance.

Maria: I think the new health care is very, very good law for the majority of the people, especially for people with pre-existing conditions.

Shelly: I agree with this new healthcare reform law because it can help more people obtain healthcare insurance. It can also make the insurance price lower.

Thu: The new health care reform law is very helpful for everybody. Older people, poor people, disabled people, people with low income, and immigrants, too, will benefit. Thank you for helping, Obama!

Tram: I am very happy that health care passed. The health care law might help all the poor people and sick children, but don't have insurance to go to a doctor. Now, health care helps all people who are sick because they can go to a doctor or a hospital.