Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pro and Con on Health Care Reform I

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Baosheng: I think the US government has become poor since the economic crisis and the government is in debt because it has already borrowed a lot of money from China and other countries. So the new health care law can make the US government become poorer than ever, and controlled by other countries.

Obama seems to like socialist policies. Because many people become lazy and corrupt in a socialist country, I think people will not try their best to work, and will always depend on the government's help.

Today, American government must help the economy get better and must reform the government debt.

ESL 5 Student: I believe that this health care program will help all people with any income to buy insurance easily. I agree with this program and I like it very much!

Minire: My opinion about health care is very positive. It is going to be helpful for all people, especiall for people under 65 who are in the United states legally. By passing my Citizenship interview, I hope to have Medicare soon.

Truong: My opinion about the new health care reform law is that it is good for the people.

Yong: It is a very good law for all Americans. Everyone can have health care insurance that guarantees everyone's health. Healthy people work well and could create more wealth. Health is Wealth. Healthy is Wealthy.