Monday, April 1, 2019

Gene-edited Food Will Arrive Soon, But Will People Eat It?

Welcome to MAE ESL 6.  I have left all the copies for the class on the wooden desk.  This lesson plan has been posted to our blog,  If you can, find a teacher to help you logon to my computer and go to  If you can't,that's ok.  Please contact me at 

Students read and complete exercises below.  Correct and discuss the exercise, then move on to the next exercise.  Grammar note--I left a handout that summarizes the passive voice--please refer to this handout before you start the exercise.  The students received this handout last week

Warm-up and Grammar: student-handout

  • vocabulary: 19th Week Day 1: Trouble in Ruritania
  • grammar: 3 Passive Constructives and 4 Passive Causitives with Have

Article and Discussion: Gene-altered Food (GMO)

Pre-reading discussion: ask students what they know about GMOs or gene-altered food.

If possible, let the students listen to the following article by clicking the mp3 player below.  (If that is not possible, skip listening to the mp3 and go to the next step).

Distribute the article.

Students read the article silently, annotating their text for new vocabulary, new questions, etc.

Direct the students to share their annotations with a partner for 2 or 3 minutes.

 Students take turns reading and explaining the meaning of the text of the following article.

Gene-edited Food Will Arrive Soon, But Will People Eat It?

It also is unclear whether people will be willing to buy gene-edited foods But she expects about 20 gene-edited crops will arrive on the U.S. market over the next years.  student pdf