Friday, November 26, 2021

MAE ESL 1 November 26, 2021

 Mark Kulek: Shopping Expressions - Store Language 

Shopping Expressions - Store Language. You will learn this shopping vocabulary: store hours, refund, half price, return policy, receipt, price tag, gift wrapped, bargain. Each of these shopping vocabulary is made into an expression and in conversation form. Each sentence is illustrated and color coded for better understanding. This is an interactive listening and speaking video. You will listen to Mark in the first part of this video and then you will practice on your own in the second part. This will build your fluency skills and help your speaking abilities, too. Have fun learning about shopping expressions and speak English now.

  • Life Goes On: Intro: Ch 7. "New Jeans.
    • Download the story from our WeChat group or email
  • Listen to the story
    • Do the exercises 40-45.  
  • Listen to Talking at Home 
    • Speak: You will practice this conversation with a friend or family member,
  • A. Listening to the sentences and write the number next to the picture pg 44. 


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